Benefits of becoming an Insurance Agent in Citizen Life Insurance

  • Important and Meaningful Work

As an insurance agent, you can serve many individuals and families. You can help them get the policies they need and provide them financial protection. Not only this, the insurance companies can invest the funds that agents help them to generate in productive sectors and contribute in the development of the country. It’s also kind of social service and charity work.

  • High Income

Agent job is one of the best paid jobs in the world. As a life insurance agent you brings premium to the company, you will get a fixed amount of pre-determined commission. The premium that agents will bring to the company will not only guarantee them present earnings, but also provide future earnings. Company offers different types of targets to agents as per company rule and agents can increase their earning capacity by fulfilling such targets.

  • Agency as a Career

In today’s life insurance market, around 20% agents take 96% of total commission. Hence you have great scope for career in this sector. The Company is eager to develop and promote such performers and even further train them for career growth.

  • Job Independence and Security

You can be a true entrepreneur by becoming an agent. You can work as per your schedule, work as much as you want, choose your own clients, set your own targets and be your own boss. Not only this, you can work from any part of Nepal. So, you will not be bounded by location. You are always encouraged to develop a full time career with the Company, however even people with other priorities who have leisure time can also be associated with the company and further enhance their career.

  • Platform for International Recognition through MDRT [ Million Dollar Round Table]

Citizen Life Insurance Company is seeking to upgrade and improve professional knowledge, skills and competence of all the agency force associated with it by supporting and encouraging them to participate in world’s largest association of Financial Professionals [i.e. MDRT]. It will give you professional visibility and international recognition.

  • SAFAL Singapore [South Asian Financial Advisor League]

Citizen Life Insurance Company is seeking to educate the society and redefine the perception of society towards Insurance Sales Professional through various activities such as video campaigns, social media activities, etc. by connecting with SAFAL Singapore. You can be a part of greatest movement going on in insurance sector.

Other Benefits

  • Citizen Corporate Club Membership (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Citizen Star Club)
  • Vehicle Loan Facilities
  • Career Development and Promotions
  • International Level Training Opportunities

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