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Citizen Annual Money Back Insurance Plan

A profit plan specifically designed for people who need cash in hand for their businesses, walks of life and to the people who have taken loans from different financial institutions.

Sum Assured payable conditions

  1. If the assured is alive during the policy term, following benefits will be payable subject to the terms and conditions under the policy:

(a) Under single premium payment policy, survival benefit of 5% of sum assured will be payable on each policy anniversary from the date of commencement of policy.

(b) Except single premium payment policy, survival benefit of 5% of sum assured will be automatically adjusted in next renewal due date.

(c) At maturity, all the survival benefits paid during the policy term or adjusted premium will be deducted from sum assured and the remaining amount with vested bonus will be paid.

  1. If the assured died before maturity of the policy, full sum assured with vested bonus will be paid as per terms and conditions of the policy.



Minimum Entry Age: 18 years
Maximum Entry Age: 65 years
Maximum Policy Maturity Age: 70 years
Minimum Policy Term: 5 years
Maximum Policy Term: 20 years
Maximum Sum Assured: According to Clients income and company’s underwriting policy
Payment Modality: Annual, Semi Annual, Quarterly, Single

Survival Benefit Sum assured plus reversionary bonus shall be paid to assured after deducting the Survival Benefit Installments paid.
Death Benefit Sum assured plus reversionary bonus shall be paid to the nominee without deducting the Survival

Benefit Installments paid.

Rider Benefits ADB (Accidental Death Benefit),
PTD (Permanent Total Disability),
PWB (Premium Waiver Benefit),
MIB (Monthly Income Benefit),
FE (Funeral Expense) Benefit and
Citizen Critical Care are available.
Other Benefits
  • Paid up Value and Cash Surrender Value as admissible
  • Policy Loan as admissible

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First Issued Date: 12.02.2019

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